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Injection Moulding Units and Maintenance

  • The injection unit is the device that causes the resin material to be heated and melted and then injected into the mould. The resin is squeezed from the head into the barrel as shown in the diagram and the melt is conveyed to the front of the barrel by the rotation of the screw. In that process, the resin material in the barrel is heated under the action of the heater, and the resin becomes molten under the action of the shear stress of the screw, which will be equivalent to the moulded product and the main flow channel, and the molten resin of the diversion channel is retained in the front end of the barrel (called metering), and the screw's continuous forward injection of the material into the mould cavity. As the molten resin flows through the mould, the speed of movement of the screw must be controlled (injection speed) and controlled with pressure (holding pressure) after the resin has filled the mould cavity. When the screw position and injection pressure reach a certain value we can switch from speed control to pressure control.

     TV and Computer Socket Mould


    How to maintain injection moulds?


    1, processing companies should, first of all, equip each pair of TV and computer socket mould with a resume card, detailed records, statistics on its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damage, according to which you can find out which parts, components have been damaged, the degree of wear and tear, in order to provide information to find and solve problems, as well as TV and computer socket mould's moulding process parameters, product materials used to shorten the mould's trial run time and improve production efficiency.


    2, processing enterprises should be in the normal operation of the injection molding machine, computer socket mould, test computer socket mould a variety of performance, and the final molded plastic size measurement out, through this information can determine the existing state of the mold, to find out the cavity, core, cooling system, and parting surface damage, etc., according to the plastic parts to provide Based on the information provided by the moulded part, the damage status of the computer socket mould can be determined as well as the maintenance measures.


    3, to TV socket mould several important parts to focus on follow-up testing: ejector, guide parts to ensure that the mould open and close movement and plastic parts ejected, if any part of the damage and stuck, will lead to production stoppage, so should always keep the TV socket mould ejector pin, guide column lubrication (to choose the most suitable lubricant), and regularly check the ejector pin, guide column, etc. After completing a production cycle, the working surfaces, moving and guiding parts of the TV socket mould should be coated with professional anti-rust oil, and particular attention should be paid to the protection of the bearing parts of moulds with gears and racks and the elastic strength of spring moulds to ensure that they are always in the best working condition; as production time continues, the cooling channels are prone to deposits scale, rust, sludge, and algae, etc., so that the cooling runner cross-section becomes smaller, the cooling channel becomes narrower, greatly reducing the heat exchange rate between the coolant and the mould, increasing the production costs of enterprises, so the cleaning of the runner should be given attention; for hot runner moulds, heating and control system maintenance is conducive to preventing the occurrence of production failures, so it is particularly important. Therefore, after each production cycle should be TV socket mould on the band heater, rod heater, heating probe, and thermocouple with ohmmeter measurement, if there is damage, it be replaced in a timely manner, and with the mould resume to compare, make a good record, in order to find the problem in due time, take countermeasures.


    4, to pay attention to the TV socket mould surface maintenance, it directly affects the surface quality of the product, the focus is to prevent rust, therefore, the choice of a suitable, high-quality, professional anti-rust oil is particularly important. When the mould has completed the production task, according to different injection molding should take different methods to carefully remove residual injection, available copper rod, copper wire, and professional TV socket mould cleaning agent to remove residual injection and other deposits in the mould, and then air dry. It is forbidden to use hard objects such as iron wire and steel bars to clean up the surface so as not to scratch it. If there are rust spots caused by corrosive injection moulding, use a grinding machine to grind and polish, and spray with professional anti-rust oil, then store the mould in a dry, cool, and dust-free place.


    As a professional mould manufacturer, Tangrammould has a high reputation in the industry, mainly producing TV socket moulds and computer socket moulds. After this article teaches us the maintenance methods of TV and computer socket moulds, we should pay more attention to the daily maintenance of moulds.