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New Developments in Domestic Injection Moulds

  • In recent years, the rapid development of domestic injection moulding technology is mainly manifested as:


    1. Mould integration manufacturing and technology promotion. In addition to the functions of automatic feeding, stamping, laminated core thickness measurement, grouping and product output, moulds also have a combination of hinge assembly connection, complex structure, mould heating, forging, thermal (tissue) control, local mould welding, tapping, internal local injection, mould cutting and mould testing technologies. New technological changes such as motor cores mark a new era of integrated mould manufacturing units. Mould products, such as LED linear strip lens mould continue to develop toward large, fine, high-performance, integrated manufacturing.


    LED Linear Strip Lens Mould

    2. The commercial Internet extends to moulds and their industrial chain. Tangrammould is an advanced model for the production and sale of LED linear strip lens moulds.


    3. Smart moulds. At present, in the plastic mould and die-casting mould industry, there are mould cavity pressure, temperature, flow, cooling process intelligent control mould. In addition, the intelligence of mould processing equipment is also rapidly promoting the intelligent manufacture of LED linear strip lens moulds.


    4. mature large-scale progressive die technology, high speed and reliability has become an important feature of precision grade moulds. At present, large continuous stamping parts are everywhere, and the size of the parts is getting larger and more complex shape, indicating that large continuous stamping technology has entered a mature stage. However, precision progressive dies require increasingly high levels of stability and reliability. Obviously, ultra-precision parts and small parts of the mould design and manufacturing technology have become a hot spot for mould enterprises Tangrammould produces LED linear strip lens mould.


    5. mold standard parts tend to be constantly improved. In recent years, with the improvement of mold types and mold standard parts, mold standard parts have become an important condition for mold enterprises to participate in international competition, a wide range of varieties, and classification is the main trend of the current mold standard parts. The traditional standard parts are becoming more and more numerous, and the quality requirements are becoming higher and higher. New standard units with functional structures and more flexible standard parts are becoming more and more important as new technologies and new directions for innovation to improve competitiveness.


    Tangram is one of its bright flowers of it, focusing on the electrical product mould and small household appliance mould segment market. Such as the Switch Socket Mould and LED linear strip lens mould. With ingenuity as our original intention, and profession as the cornerstone, we focus on the value of molds, and specialize in providing customers with high-quality and efficient mold solutions.