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The Advantages of High End Plastic Moulding

  • There are often many new injection moulding techniques in the injection moulding process, and the causes of fusion marks in the injection moulding process are the melt marks of plastic driver case moulds, which are caused by the injection process where the molten resin from different directions does not completely fuse together. The lower the temperature, the more pronounced the fusion marks and the lower the strength. Conversely, the higher the temperature, the stronger the bond. The state of bonding at the fusion point also depends on the pressure applied there. The lower the holding pressure, the worse the fusion and the lower the strength. The fusion is the point of merging of the resin and can also be the flow end. The appearance and strength of the fusion can be worsened if a vent is not provided at this point.


    Driver Case Mould


    Improvement measures:


      (l) Increase resin temperature, increase mould temperature, increase injection pressure and speed; increase temperature


      (2) Pay attention to the exhaust of the parting surface, increase the inserts and ejector pins at the production of fusion marks is also conducive to exhaust.  


      (3) Choose a reasonable location for the glue, and do a mould flow analysis before opening the plastic driver case mould


    Driver Case Mould


    (4)Increase the cold material of the process overflow row, and then cut off and remove it after moulding. 


    (5) thicken and shorten the sprue system as much as possible to improve the glue flow. 


      Plastic driver case moulds should have a thicker surface as far as possible to improve fusion marks. 


    Technology is developing, technology is improving, here we will not list them all, more good technology to be studied! With the progress of the times, the requirements for all aspects of factory processing are becoming stricter and stricter, the control of plastic driver case mould quality, etc. I believe that with the continuous refinement of our equipment and the maturity of our technical staff's means of operation, we will definitely produce plastic driver case moulds that meet various requirements.