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How to adjust the height of childrens table & chair set so that

  • Children's table & chair set has played a very important role in the growth of children. Now the myopia rate of children is increasing, and the hunchback phenomenon is also very common. More and more parents buy children's table & chair set for their children, but Do you think that buying children table & chair set can ensure that children will not be short-sighted or hunchbacked?

    The childrens table & chair set is just a tool, just a tool to prevent children's myopia and hunchback. So the question is, how can we make good use of this children table & chair set? First of all, the standard sitting posture of a child is actually determined by the height of the table and the sitting height. First put the study chairs and study tables of the children table & chair set in an area suitable for children to study at home. It is recommended that there is enough space to create a comfortable learning environment for children. Let the children stand next to the children table & chair set and place the study chair The highest point of the cushion is adjusted to the child's knee, so that the height of the seat cushion is parallel to the height of the knee, which is the standard height of children's table & chair set. Next, let the child sit on the height-adjusted childrens table & chair set, close to the table, keep a fist distance from the table, put both feet on the ground at a natural vertical angle, and at the same time let the child's thighs and calves naturally bend to 90°, The back naturally rests on the children's chair, forming three natural forces on the back, hips and legs, so that the child will be more comfortable to sit. The child's hands are naturally hanging, the upper arm and the lower arm are naturally bent to 90°, and when the lower arm is parallel to the table, it is the most suitable height for children's table & chair set learning.

    The childrens table & chair set plays a role in supervising the growth of children. It is imperative to create a good learning environment for children, so that children can sit comfortably and learn happily during learning.

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