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Path Of Exile removes pesky feature with latest update

  • Loot-focused action RPG Path Of Exile has released its 37th Challenge League, with fans on Reddit complaining about a spike in difficulty compared to previous releases.If you want to have a pleasant experience in the game, you can buy more
    POE Currency to help you get started better.

    Developer Grinding Gear Games took their community’s advice and removed a modifier that was used to make enemies more difficult while playing.

    The “Invincible” modifier makes certain enemies invulnerable to the player’s attacks, causing progression issues when you’re being hunted by unkillable beasts.

    Path Of Exile’s 37th league is called Sentinel and combines all the other major additions to the game on top of the new content. Sentinel has an optional robot companion who will assist in combat, but also makes it harder to get better loot in combat.

    However, including a robot that makes things difficult isn’t a problem, as it’s the Archnemesis mechanic included in the last league — which also has some changes — that’s causing the Chaos Orb.

    Archnemesis creates more powerful enemies than the game’s bosses, and since they can share power with the little mobs that follow them, the modifiers that make things invulnerable cause headaches at key moments in the game.If you want to strengthen yourself, you can read the news written by POECurrency and buy POE Currency.