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3 Essential Military Gear For Long Challenging Hikes

  • Those who appreciate the outdoors do not mind roughing it out in the wind, rain and mud. I for one enjoy long hiking trips which are challenging. I have had my share of cuts and broken bones but you just cannot buy these kind of experiences. No amount of video war games can toughen a person up like a good 2 week hike in a tropical jungle can.

    The first thing you need to do is make sure you are fit enough to go the distance. Tropical rain forests can drain energy levels with ease, especially if it rains. Hiking up a 200 meter slope in the wet can sometimes feel like a futile effort.

    The next thing you have to ensure is that the gear you have with you is up to the task. For this reason, I put my faith in military gear.

    Military Ponchos
    As mentioned earlier, a tropical rainforest can be a very wet place to be depending on the season. Even in the dry season, it rains at least once a week. Even though I like to rough it out, it is always better to keep as dry as possible. For this purpose, I never go on a journey without my trusty military ponchos. This military gear is on always the first on my list.

    Military ponchos are superb because they are tear resistant and are designed to keep the body warm and dry in rainy weather. You can forget about those 2 dollar plastic ponchos. They would not last more than 10 minutes among the thorns, branches and other sharp objects out there.

    Military grade ponchos do not really cost that much but they last a pretty long time and is easy to care for and store.

    Another essential military gear is my military backpack. It is not just any backpack, though. This one is a modular model which means I can easily attach stuff to it if I need to. I usually attach a reservoir or a hydration system, first aid kit and a rugged laptop bag to my backpack on really long journeys.

    I can attach additional equipment and pouches thanks to the PALS webbing on the surface of the backpack. Most tactical backpacks are so tough they come with a lifetime warranty.

    LED Torches
    Finally, never leave home without a good LED torch. I carry 3 types of flashlights on my journeys. A head mounted one for spelunking, a powerful hand-held one which can double as a lamp and comes with a built-in compass, and a self-powered one, just in case all the batteries fail.

    All these LED torches are of military gear specifications, which means they are knock resistant, water resistant, very bright and they come with batteries that have a 10 year shelf life.