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Different Ways to Invite Members in Lost Ark Guild

  • Since its release, Lost Ark has grown in popularity in the global gaming community. Hundreds of thousands of players plunge into a mysterious fantasy world where everyone can find something for themselves. Some people like to play alone, while others like to team up to collect raids and fight bosses. The latter prefer to create their own Guild, uniting dozens of players so that no matter what tough boss they encounter, they can easily defeat and harvest a good amount of Lost Ark Gold and other rare materials. For such players, knowing how to make Guild bigger and more powerful is crucial. By reading the method below, you can easily learn how to invite players to your own Lost Ark Guild.

    The first thing you need to consider is do you want to create Guild yourself, or be invited to join by someone else?
    If you create a Guild yourself, you are the boss of that Guild. You can do anything and all the doors of your Guild are open for you. In this case, it is not difficult to invite players to join Guild.
    1. Start Lost Ark and press "Alt + U" to open the Guild menu.
    2. Next, go to the Guildmates tab.
    3. In this section, click Guild Invite to invite players to the Guild.
    4. Open a new menu, enter the player's nickname and send him a Guild invite.

    In this case, the player does not need to be online. All you need is his nickname. When the player reappears online, he will be able to respond to your invitation by confirming or declining the invitation. As we said, if you are the creator of Guild, everything is very simple.

    If you are invited to a Guild, your level may not be high enough to invite a player. But President Guild can raise your level if he trusts you. When your level has risen to the point where you have permission to invite others to join the guild, do what you want to Buy Gold Lost Ark.

    In addition, there is another thing worth noting for players is that the maximum number of Guild members is only 30 people. Therefore, for the sake of future battles and dividends, you'd better choose carefully the members you invite to join. And it's more fun to play in a guild than to fight alone, so you and the leader also need to fill the Guild's number as soon as possible to promote the team's strength.

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