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Lost Ark: Tips for Finding Mokoko Seeds

  • When you first arrive at the seventh continent of Lost Ark, you will arrive at the first area, Arid Path. Here you will become a collector who embarks on an adventure in search of more Mokoko seeds. Half of this place is the port town of Lupen, which you can get there by boat. If you want to get to the capital Stern, you'll also need to scour the outskirts of the wilderness. Although there will be a few seeds in the port itself, most of the seeds are still outside the city, and two of them are in a secret area that is not known outside the map. If you want to find them, you can follow the guide below.

    After you arrive at the port by boat, you will see a T-junction in front of you, where you need to turn right and head towards Scheiber. Just before you reach the intersection, you will see a door on the left, you need to enter the door on the left. Once you're in, you should follow the path that goes northwest. When you reach the end of the path, you will find it is the way to the room. Immediately after you enter the room, turn right and head northeast and you'll find the first Lost Ark mokoko seed from the seventh continent, hidden in a tube in a nondescript corner.

     To find the second mokoko seed in the seventh continent of Lost Ark, you need to go to the steps southeast of the Lupen Port Triport. At the very top, you need to go up the ramp and get to where the train is waiting to board. Just before you get on the train, look to your right and you'll see a covered seating area. The second seed is next to the second bench below.

    Looking for the third and fourth mokoko seeds on the seventh continent of Lost Ark, you need to take the elevator out of Port Lubben and turn east towards the small jumping point across the canyon. You need to look for a cactus patch with six yellow flowering IGGM. Those two seeds are hidden there.

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