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This green is the color of the aurora

  •  The storm girl in the movie is still more restored to the image of the storm girl in the comics. She is also a white-haired and black-skinned woman, but it will also have a lot of changes. In the comics, Storm Girl’s clothes can be said to be really sexy.CCosplay     They are black patent leather or gel coat, very close to the body, and there is really little fabric. She also has a big black cloak.In the comics, Polaris is the daughter of Magneto. Her whole body is green. This green is the color of the aurora.Spider Man Costume    It is a very beautiful green. Of course, the Polaris in the comics is also a tights, including shoes, which are also leggings. the design of. Polaris’s hair is dark green in the TV series with short, medium and slightly curly hair. In the comics, the hairstyle is also green, but it’s not dark green. The hair is curly medium and long hair. This hairstyle is actually a bit like an American sweetheart at the time.