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New World: Here is How to Upgrade Each Trade Skill

  • The New World game is currently in the closed beta stage, so it is necessary for us to understand how to upgrade all the trade skills of the new world.

    Unlike some other MMOs, the New World does not force players to choose one or two careers, but allows and even encourages players to upgrade every career in the game-and there are many. There are 17 different professions that need to be upgraded. When you first see a character’s "Trading Skills" page, you may start to panic. But it is simpler than it seems.

    Although there are many things to learn, many of the skills you learn in the new world are combined with each other. As you strive to reach level 1, you will also improve other skills in the process and have New World Gold Coins.

    There are seven arts and crafts majors: treasure, armor, cooking, engineering, furniture, jewelry processing, and weapon forging.

    There are five types of gathering occupations: fishing, harvesting, logging, mining and peeling.

    There are five professions in refining: leather making, smelting, stone carving, weaving and carpentry.

    Every refining profession needs materials that can be obtained through refining and/or gathering, and every refining profession needs materials that can be gathered. The best way to upgrade each class is to start with collecting, and finally make what you collect and refine.

    It can be collected anywhere in the open world that has the resources you are looking for. Refining and crafting can be upgraded by using specific workstations related to specific industries. Here is how to upgrade each trade skill in the new world:


    Arcana: This allows you to make magic weapons and consumables, such as health potions or mana potions.

    In order to upgrade your treasure, you need to focus on harvesting as a gathering trade as well as mining and logging. The refining profession required by Arcana is smelting and carpentry.

    The arcane can be handled by visiting the arcane warehouse in the town.

    Armor: This allows you to make equipable equipment and bags. This includes items that enter the head, chest, hands, legs, and foot slots.

    It needs to collect resources from harvesting, peeling and mining. The refining skills used for armor include leather processing, weaving, and smelting.

    Armoring can be carried out at the forging or equipment station.

    Cooking: This will create food to heal your characters and give them benefits. It needs items obtained through skinning and fishing. Cooking can be done at the kitchen station.

    Engineering: This allows you to make long-range weapons, ammunition, and collection tools. Depending on what you are making, you need to be able to harvest, skin, logs, and excavate materials. In addition, you must be able to refine resources by smelting, woodworking, leather products, and weaving.

    This is one of the most all-encompassing crafting professions, but what you need depends on whether you are making guns or bows and arrows.

    The project can be completed in the workshop.

    Furniture: This will help you fill your playhouse with furniture, storage boxes and trophies. It requires harvesting, logging and mining. The refining industries required to make it level are smelting, woodworking and weaving.

    Just like engineering, furniture can be completed in the workshop.

    Jewelry making: This allows players to make trinkets, amulets, rings and earrings. To upgrade it, you need to collect resources through mining and refine them through smelting and stone carving.

    This kind of transaction can be carried out at the equipment station in the town.

    Weapon forging: This will create weapons for your character. It needs materials from mining, logging and debarking. Related refining professions are smelting, woodworking and leather processing.

    Just like armor, weapon forging can be done in forging.


    Leatherworking: Refining the resources collected from the skinning can be carried out in the tannery.

    Smelting: Refining the resources collected from mining can be carried out in a smelter.

    Stone cutting: Refining gems usually collected from mining can be carried out on the stone cutting platform.

    Weaving: Refining materials from harvest to make cloth. This can be done on the loom.

    Woodworking: Refining materials collected from logging to make specific types of wood. This is done in the woodworking workshop.


    All Gathering trades can be upgraded by traveling around the world and interacting with related resources. Although leveling them is simple, it can be time-consuming and requires specific tools. These tools can be made in the workshop.

    Fishing: A fishing rod is required, which can be obtained through the quest line early in the game. It can be used to obtain cooking materials.

    Harvest: Need a sickle. Picking herbs and marijuana in the starting area will make your upgrade start.

    Logging: A logging axe is required. Cut down the trees to level them.

    Mining: Requires mining pickaxe. Starting to decompose boulders and iron ore will upgrade this.

    Peeling: Need a peeling knife. Skinning the wild animals you killed in the mission will improve this skill.

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