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Jerzy Dudek is to Appear As a FUT Hero in FIFA 22

  • The release date of FIFA 22 is approaching, and with it comes more information about the game. Now the whole of Poland will definitely be happy. All this is because Jerzy Dudek will appear as a FUT hero!

    EA Sports announced that Jerzy Dudek has joined the group of FUT Heroes in FIFA 22. Undoubtedly, everyone is happy about this news.

    Although we are all happy with this decision, it must be said that it just had to be that way. The 48-year-old goalkeeper from Rybnik is a very successful player. After all, he defended the colors of Feyenoord, FC Liverpool and Real Madrid in his career. However, it was with the latter club that he went down in history and probably had his best moments. We don't have to go deeper into history. It is enough to quote the final match between AC Milan and Liverpool in 2005, when Dudek was at the goal. Until the 53rd minute it was the Italian club leading 3-0, but a few minutes later a draw appeared on the scoreboard.

    In the later phase of the game, the Pole's game turned out to be the key. This clash could have ended in extra time, but Dudek's good disposition allowed him to play in penalties. And these, for the sake of accuracy, already belonged to my compatriot, who showed off the famous "Dudek dance". The Liverpool goalkeeper saved three penalties to secure the English club the UEFA Champions League cup.

    FUT heroes, on the other hand, are special cards that are designed to honor players for great achievements on the pitch that are remembered by the entire football world - just like Jerzy Dudek. These cards will have a green chemistry not only with players of the same nationality, but also of the same league.

    FIFA 22 will release on October 1 this year and is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. You can visit our site to Buy FIFA 22 Points with cheap price.