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  • Browse our entire directory of Playstation 4 game cheats by clicking a letter below to list games beginning with that letter. Alternatively you can search for a game using the navbar above view our entire list of guides and games by clicking the appropriate link.PS5 Video Game Cheats
    Cheat codes have largely gone away in the modern gaming landscape. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements, and trophies, getting an advantage by putting in a code seems unfair. However, a select few games still carry on this tradition, either as a way to unlock everything without doing the work or by giving the characters buffs to make the game easier.
    To activate GTA 5 cheats on PS5, PS4 or PS3 all you need is the correct button combination, or you can use the in-game cell phone (PS4 and PS5 versions only). This page is a guide that will show you both methods, including all the tested and verified codes, and you'll be unlocking invincibility, vehicles, weapons and more in no time.
    If you're already enjoying your PS5, it's worth noting that you can't back up PS5 game save files using a USB stick as you could on the PS4. This means that the only way to make sure you never lose your save file, at the moment, is to have a PlayStation Plus subscription.Having an active sub to PS Plus means you can upload your save files to the cloud, which means that if tragedy befalls your console, you won't lose any important save data. This service has been offered throughout the PS4's life cycle, but Sony's older console also let you use a USB stick to store or transfer saves.
    With the PS5, however, you're unable to plug in a USB stick and transfer save file data. Now your only option to have your PS5 saves backed up in any way is to buy a subscription to PS Plus, something which probably isn't going to sit well with everyone – given a paywall is now locking users out of this key functionality.
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