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In New World, the Pyromancer Tree is the best passive skill of

  • The Pyromancer Tree focuses more on damage to a single target and utility. It has its own explosive skills, as well as continuous damage caused by burns, which can be described as a utility skill. Among them, Flamethrower, Incinerate and Burn Out are Buy New World Coins the three skills of the Pyromancer Tree.

    Flamethrower, just as you think, directs the flow of flames from the end of your staff in a short distance. Incinerate and Burn Out can cause high damage in a small area around you, and push the enemy back 3m while causing burning. Burn Out can shroud you in the flames, through a short sprint, causing damage and burning effects to passing enemies.

    In PvE, Flamethrower is your main damage tool. It can not only accumulate burning effects quickly, but also cause moderate DPS. It's New World Coins just a guide skill, as long as you have enough mana, you can guide it. Although it can be used in PvP, it is very difficult to use.

    Since Incinerate has a relatively short range, it is generally used together with Burn Out, so that the effects of the two skills can be better used. In addition, it also has a passive, it can cause two high burst damage while superimposing two burning effects. Burn Out is a positioning tool, mainly used to set Incinerate or follow it up. At the same time, it is also very powerful as a utility skill and can provide a certain degree of mobility.

    Reheat is the Ultimate of the Pyromancer Tree. It can significantly improve your Mana Regen when you are not using fire staff skills within 6 seconds of use. This means that after you use this skill, you can return to close to full mana to cast the next set of skills. Because the Fire Staff is very mana-consuming, so in PvP and PvE, this skill is a good passive for it, but the usage rate is higher in PvP. At the same time, coupled with the use of mana recovery food and potion, this will allow you to carry out subsequent battles with sufficient mana.

    In New World, the Pyromancer Tree can become the best passive skill of Fire Staff, so you don't have to worry about consuming mana too quickly in battle. However, you still need a lot of New World Coins to upgrade it. However, there are too many places to use New World Coins in the game, making them very scarce for players. So you can pay attention to Newworldcoins, where a lot of discounted New World Coins are sold, which can help you through those difficulties.