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The purpose and usage of the Ice Gauntlet in New World

  • In New World, all the Ranged and Magic have a longer attack range than most melee options, but they have a slower attack speed. So they are not better or worse than melee weapons, but they can complement each other. Today, I will  Buy New World Coins introduce the usage and functions of the Ice Gauntlet.

    Ice Tempest and Builder are the two skill trees of the Ice Gauntlet. Ice Tempest has a lot of AoE damage and area denial skills, so it is a very aggressive tree. The Builder mainly focuses on duration skills, and can provide players with a mix of offensive and defensive attributes at the same time.

    In PvP, especially in large-scale PvP, this weapon works very well. Although its damage is far less than the high damage caused by Fire Staff, it has excellent crowd control capabilities. Due to its lack of primitive damage, it will be extremely difficult to use it in PvE, but it still has New World Coins a place there anyway.

    Of course, the combination of the three skills of Ice Storm, Ice Pylon and Entomb is very suitable for leveling. These skills can provide a good effect in creating damage, and Entomb is a defensive skill. And combined with some passive skills of Frosted Ground, it can solve some mana problems for you to a certain extent, even so, the mana consumption is still very fast.

    The Ice Gauntlet is a magic weapon, and Intelligence provides it with a source of damage. In most cases, you can use it with the Rapier. In addition, the Fire Staff or even Musket can also achieve good results with it. By using one of the elemental gems, players can also make any weapon with Intelligence have scale decently, although its level is much lower than the secondary attribute.

    As a magic weapon, The Ice Gauntlet provides comprehensive attributes, but the damage value it causes is relatively low, so you need a weapon with high damage to match it. However, the upgrade of each weapon requires a large amount of New World Coins, which leads to the lack of New World Coins for players. And Newworldcoins knows the needs of players well, there are a lot of New World Coins for players there, act quickly to buy it.