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In New World, the Healing Tree can provide you with high healin

  • The Healing Tree uses a longer cast time to perform burst healing, and the effect of a single treatment is much higher. They will often heal for the entirety of any of the Heal over time options, but because of the persistence of these skills, treatment options over time will usually outperform these skills. Divine Embrace, Sacred Ground and Splash of Light are the three skills of the Healing Tree.

    Divine Embrace is a powerful single-target treatment, but it takes a few seconds to release, and it can finally be upgraded to a multi-target treatment. Sacred Ground can provide players with a healing effect lasting 15 seconds, but the amount of healing per second is relatively small, it needs to release station Aoe on the ground. Splash of Light has a shorter casting time than Divine Embrance. Since it is almost instant New World Coins casting, it is mainly used for panic treatment.

    Due to the long casting time of Divine Embrace, it is rarely used in PvP. However, in PvE, due to the potentially high healing capacity, it is easy to attract the hatred of the enemy, so that it becomes a huge shortcoming. But if the time in PvE is used correctly, then it can help you save a group from a wipe in PvE content. Sacred Ground has a good AOE and can also heal designated targets in AOE, making it the player's preferred skill. Splash of Light may be very effective in group PvE or PvP, but it is not recommended for single-player combat.

    Divine Blessing is the Ultimate of the Healing Tree. It is a passive skill and can increase the healing effect of targets with a health value of less than 30% by 30%. Compared with the panic cast of Divine Embrace or Splash of Light, this skill can be very effective in helping players improve the healing effect. And it can be said to be the better one of the two New World Gold Ultimate skills of Life Staff.

    The Healing Tree as an auxiliary skill can be said to be very good, can help players provide good healing effects. So upgrading it can help players get a higher amount of healing, so you need to use a lot of New World Coins. If you find that your New World Coins inventory is not very sufficient, then NewWorldCoins can help you. Not only are there a large number of discounted New World Coins waiting for you, but online transactions are also very secure.