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New World players are decreasing drastically

  • Recent data shows that the current number of concurrent players in New World reaches a peak of about 300,000 to 400,000. However, the highest number of concurrent players in New World in historical records exceeds 900,000. There is a huge gap between the two data.

    In addition, it is worth noting that in New World Coins a recent report, only 8% of New World players have reached the upper limit of the game level. Although these figures do not mean that New World has serious problems, it can be shown from the side that New World has already lost players and has lost quite a lot of active players up to now.

    Part of the reason can be attributed to the fact that New World’s PvE endgame is very weak. Most New World players will know that New World's PvE content will become a secondary element of the game's PvP, but when players watch the endgame of New World, they will discover how weak it is.

    Currently Expeditions, Arenas, Elite Enemy encounters, Invasions, and acquiring Legendary Weapons constitute the main content of New World’s PvE. Although this is very normative for MMO endgames, it is also the source of the main problem. Makes players Amazon New World Coins completely unable to feel the uniqueness of the PvE endgame content. So this design approach rarely motivates you to spend a lot of time trying to complete it or a lot of time to recycle early content to move towards the final game.

    For now, the PvE endgame of New World is very similar to the final outcome of the upgrade process, which is not what players are looking forward to. Because it shows every player all the content of New World, and those start a series of unbelievable new possibilities. This should be the direction that needs to be opened in New World's PvP content.

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