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In New World players should keep raw materials

  • When your refining skills and crafting skills continue to increase, they will provide you with some opportunities for rewards such as armor and weapon privileges, and their output will also be increased. In the current level of production, these upgrades are very applicable, but the level will only increase after the production is completed. Of course, if you want to spend less time, you can use smaller bundles to make them, and some additional resources will be rewarded.

    When you are completing Job Board Quests about New World Coins armor and weapon making, you may need to use raw materials like Rawhide or Iron Ore. Using these raw materials exclusively here will help you improve your level. If you want to prepare for these quests, you can reserve 100-200 unrefined resources, and also provide you with a lot of XP for crafting skills.

    Of course, in the early stages of the game, there will be a large number of players in low-level areas, which will make some resources more scarce. Even resources such as Iron Ore and Hemp Fiber, which are very common for early production, will become difficult to find after passing through low-level areas taken by many players or after peak hours.

    If you find that your inventory has become too much, you can refine them a bit in order to reduce weight. Because most of New World Gold the raw materials are heavier than refined, this method can help you reduce your weight by at least 25%.

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