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Animal Crossing 2.0 update brings convenience to players

  • You can find all kinds of wonderful things in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, but some things require players to explore carefully before they can discover them. And some of these things did not appear in Animal Crossing Direct.

    So today, with the update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0, let me introduce you to what useful things have been added to the game.

    Recipes In Bottles Tell You What They Are Before You Open Them: The design of the game is very cute. Before you open the bottle, you can know whether you are getting a DIY recipe or a food recipe. However, if you want to know how to make it, you still need to open it.

    Scooching: This is on Direct. If you haven't used scooching before, you won't know how good it is. Now, the small gap Animal Crossing Bells between the sofa and the coffee table is no longer a problem.

    Brewster And Kapp'n's Secrets: You can find some things in The Roost, you can see pictures of memories of the old version of Animal Crossing, and a storage room full of gyroids. In addition, you will find a small photo of his family in New Leaf and their small shop on board Kapp'n.

    Invite Old Friends To The Roost: You can now invite old friends like Resetti, Digby, Pelly, Booker, DJ KK, Katie and Gracie to The Roost and Harv's Island, but you need to have Series 5 of Nook Miles Tickets the Animal Crossing amiibo cards or Animal Crossing amiibo figures.

    Have Fun On Kapp'n's Boat: You can use the four buttons X, Y, A and B to do fun things on the Kapp'n boat. X will shock you; Y will make you laugh; A will make you clap along with Kapp'n's songs in time; generally you will not use the B button because it will stop Kapp'n from singing.

    Isabelle's New And Improved News: Whether it's Kicks, Leif, Saharah or Redd, now you can know who is visiting the island through Isabelle, so you don't run around the island to find yourself!

    This update brings a lot of convenience to players, and players love this game even more. But if you want to integrate into this game, then Animal Crossing Items are indispensable props in the game. If you are eager to obtain a certain item, then MMOWTS can help you. There are various Animal Crossing Items on sale, and there must be what you need!