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What is the Covenant faction in New World like?

  • In New World, you cannot be a lone ranger, because the social aspect is one of its most attractive aspects. After reaching a certain level, you will be able to choose one of the three factions of the Covenant, the Syndicate, or the Marauders to join. In order to ensure the New World Coins long-term goal of Aeternum's future in their favor, each faction has its own deep-rooted values. How your story develops in the game requires you to be loyal to your faction and how to fight for your faction. Today, I will introduce one of the factions: The Covenant.

    This faction believes that Aeternum can be saved by dispelling the ancient demons, and they can shape their goals in a spiritually guided way. The followers of this close group gave up their hands as divine instructions in order to clear the island of undead pagans and fallen life forms. In order to purify those lands that can be redeemed again, these religious fanatics will do whatever it takes to see Aeternum in a beautiful and elegant natural state again.

    If you have a passion for characters like Buy New World Coins paladins or priests, then the Covenant will be your best choice. Not only will you be able to improve your defensive magic, but you will also get unique equipment at every stage of your journey. If you become the highest level of dictator, you will get a lot of benefits, but if you choose to stand on the side of the Covenant’s holy wrath, you may pay the corresponding price.

    When you have identified a faction, the rest requires you to continuously improve your character's strength. Whether you upgrade their level or equip them with sophisticated equipment, it is very effective. But such players often need a lot of New World Coins. If you want to get New World Coins quickly, it is very good to choose to buy at NewWorldCoins. The price there is not only cheap, but also the delivery speed is fast, so that your character can be promoted in the shortest time.