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Are you ready for FIFA 22’s Black Friday?

  • As in previous years, at the end of November and December is a period of shopping spree, people will rush to buy what they need before the holidays.

    The most representative among them is the infamous Black Friday. On this day, all types of industries and various products will enter the ranks of discounts and discounts. Among them, the virtual field of EA Sports’s FIFA franchise not excluded.

    The most popular football video game in the world has joined this shopping spree since FIFA 14. So when will FIFA 22 start promotion in this Black Friday?

    Generally speaking, Black Friday, a high-profile FUT 22 Coins commercial event, is scheduled to occur on the second day of Thanksgiving in the United States, and Thursday, November 25 this year, is Thanksgiving in the United States, so Black Friday in 2021 will occur on November 11. Friday the 26th.

    For FIFA, other days in the EA Sports calendar will also determine the Black Friday phenomenon, such as'Super Sunday' and Cyber ​​Monday. In other words, FIFA games will have a series of weekend offers, challenges and discounts, not just limited to Friday.

    So when does the FIFA 22 Black Friday promotion start? This promotion is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. EST on Friday, November 26th.

    Therefore, players who have not prepared enough FIFA 22 Coins should hurry up, because once the event starts, there will be various discounts and limited-time player cards. Once you don’t Buy FUT 22 Coins have enough FIFA 22 Coins, you will miss the event and return Have to wait another year. Of course, if you need a lot of FIFA 22 Coins very urgently, you can also ask UTnice for help. With the arrival of Black Friday, there will be very favorable FIFA 22 Coins for sale there, which can fully meet your demand for gold coins in the game.