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Amidst community opposition, Amazon made major adjustments to t

  • Amazon Game Studios' MMORPG New World finally made a major change to the endgame system proposal after widespread anger in the community.

    Previously, a new endgame system for Expertise for New World announced by Amazon would result in a significant reduction in the function of all purchase, production or mission equipment in the game, so it New World Coins Buy would take players tens of hours to improve each individual equipment slot. Their Expertise level makes many players in the gaming community feel uneasy, because their various trading skills to make and use (or sell) some of the most powerful armors in the game are acquired by players for hundreds of hours, and The implementation of this new Expertise system will cause most of their power to be lost.

    Amid the widespread opposition from players, Amazon finally made major adjustments to it, but Expertise will still enter the big New World. Now, the equipment obtained from the faction store, the items the player obtains from the mission, and the items they make will not be affected by the Expertise system. After the update in mid-January 2022, items New World Coins obtained from various endgame events and items sold by players in the game auction house will be affected by Expertise.

    A new Expertise system will be used in the game for about a month. During this time, players need to increase the level of the characters as much as possible, because once your Expertise level can’t match your item level, it will let you The equipment attributes are greatly reduced.

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