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  • The grave issue makes the OSRS Fire Cape sense to me, for those who aren't aware this, it's the argument that grave stones aren't blessed because thieves will take your treasure. It's hard to believe that this was the case prior to 2007. You didn't have a grace period of 6 minutes to collect your items.

    One argument has been made is that bosses who are new hires are a requirement for graves. Does that really hold? Tormented Demons was an incoming boss in 2008 and I'm not aware of any. However, when I duo me with my partner I pray for him (well he blesses mine, and he's not yet dead). I am able to make it back in just 3 minutes. The whole argument about gravestone blessing is irrelevant. It's not really a matter of if your grave has been blessed. You can still get back.

    Corpreal Beast, on contrary, was deliberately designed to avoid the gravestone mechanic, I hope Jagex looked at it and hung there heads with shame on the bear bosses without chance of a risk, and therefore created a system to ignore gravestones. Now you only have 2 minutes to go back to your belongings. It's not possible to leave the area before it's the public's loot.

    Finally Nex I'm not yet to take on her, so forgive me if I'm off. You can argue that Nex would have had these mechanics because most people believe that Jagex was working on the update for a long period of time. While a blessing can help bring back to where you were, it is strongly thought that Nex would have had this feature.

    All other Buy Old School RS Gold were created to be played with no gravestones. You can get things back from Bandos KBD, Chaos Ele and Mole when you have a grave that doesn't contain bless. DKs and Sara are found in graves with bless.