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  • However, it is strange that my OSRS Gold For Sale ability to purchase multiple levels for more than 100 million dollars is now a requirement. I can remember when maging DKs using firebolt was thought to be normal, now that's just ridiculous. My level has been playing for only half the time I've had and they're very much into Runescape. It's awful to be the random player who people see saying things like "wow 99 mage, you're not living a life." I'm not a fan of things becoming too serious. I hope people see my point of view.

    I was thinking about minigames that are currently in the wilderness, which will soon be relocated to the "Gamer's Grotto" north of Falador. However, I find the overall concept to be a disaster. Instead of making sure that minigames are played in the correct places, according to their origins, they'll be put together in an absurd location.

    In any event I took a look at what minigames were actually in the wilderness: Clan Wars. These minigames all seem to be very "wild-centred", meaning that they aren't logically discarded elsewhere.

    The Mage Arena is scary because it's in the far north, and you're at the risk of getting attacked while you travel there (and similarly, you won't be able to fight in as good gear in case you get attacked) All that is fired up happens in the wilderness, and removing it would be absurd as it is an effort to show that a wilderness safeguard is possible, and that stealing the creation is a camp devoted to the worship of and the reincarnation of revenant spectres that plague the godwars battlefields and the fist of guthix is an ancient battle site protected by the druids from Guthix where warriors from all over the world are battling daily to gain some of it's strength.

    I agree that the actions 2 and 3, as well as Clan Wars, will continue. Additionally, Clan Wars does NOT have to be wilderness-focused. Clan Wars could easily be moved to Al Kharid's famous Duel Arena, where they could fight to train. It is possible to have the mages create some interdimensional connections with the same method that brought about the POHs. (Yes there's a story ). That will work well.

    It might be possible that the revenants, who are now in a strange cave and are stealing creation, can be relocated. My opinion is that the camp of the mystic ought to be in the middle.

    But why RS 2007 Accounts Fist of Guthix have to go? It's located in low-level wilderness. There is no need to carry anything. Teleporting is an option provided for members and, it is a good thing, because there is the possibility of being killed, but you don't lose anything. What's wrong with this? Personally, I would be happy.

    I have a concern regarding Sir Amik Varze. The White Knights, (By Guthix I would like to see them have a better title, like the Kinshra) are a political, military and social organization. However, in feudal society (yes, RuneScape doesn't pay any attention to how countries are run or the size of the land as the areas are too small), a knight is at the bottom, while a king, who is only defeated by the emperor, is at the top.

    Amik, if he was ruling over the king’s steed surely he would be able to have a peerage such as the Grand Duke? This would also make Burthorpe a principality (I'm thinking that the principality is huge and that the town is the capital of it).

    The Kinshra were exiled from Falador and also from the mountains (I'm pretending that there is an area of mountains that divides Asgarnia from Misthalin from Wilderness... it is odd to have a single mountain by itself) Therefore, I'm guessing that Daquarius, leader of the Kinshra is made a marquis.

    He is the lord of this title, which makes sense. Why is Sir Amik thought of as to be a knight, even though Daquarius is a lord? What do you think? Is it possible for a knight to run a kingdom as the ruler? Sorry for the unrelated bits. I simply copied and pasted it straight from an RSOF posting.

    I find the grave situation to be completely absurd. For those not familiar, it is the argument that grave stones will not be blessed because people will steal your money. I'm not sure what's wrong with that even though it was pre-2007 exactly the same but there wasn't a 6-minute grace period for picking your possessions.

    One argument that has been discussed is that the emergence of new bosses requires graves, does it? Are you seriously? Tormented Demons was an incoming boss in 08 and I'm not aware of any. However, when I duo me with my partner, I bless him (well I bless him, but and he's not yet dead). I am able to return in less than 3 minutes. The whole gravestone blessing argument is nonsense in this case, it doesn't matter if your gravestone is blessed or not, you can still get back.

    The Corpreal Beast, on the other hand, has been deliberately designed to not use the mechanics of a cemetery. I'm certain Jagex noticed it and was ashamed at the care bear bosses that designed gravestones to minimize any chance. You have only two minutes to return to your belongings. It's not possible to leave the property before it's the public's loot.