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  • The system's OSRS Gold means that players cannot be concerned about gambling, RWT'ing or using the Squeal of Fortune for their own financial profit. While we have witnessed a lot of players take advantage of the new rewards, and some opt to buy additional spins, we have not witnessed any abuse of the system, despite watching it extremely carefully.

    Looking ahead, RuneScape is growing more quickly than ever before in terms of both innovative and compelling content, and also the number of members. The Runespan, which was launched on Monday, and has seen over 90% improvements in game framerates for a significant part of the players, will make it clear that we are just about to launch our biggest and most exciting year of content yet.

    Naturally, you'll learn more about it in the very near future. Keep coming back. Thank you for reading... Have fun!

    Sal's Realm Clan Citadel. Welcome to our clan's citadel! This topic contains information on our current inventory of resources and plans as well as our past and current construction projects. The community members, you are able to vote for what the citadel should look. You are invited to post feedback, suggestions and pictures of your clanmates and their activities in the private meeting rooms.

    Don't be late in uploading a photo of your weekly resource contributions. The build time is 10 am GMT Tuesday. The poll. You can choose the day the build tick is performed on (instead it being Tuesdays). I was thinking that should we change the build tick at any time, right after tier 7 is an ideal time to make the change. Here's what I think:

    A build-tick for the weekend could be an ideal option for people. For those who need to cap in the last minute have a Friday/Saturday or even those who prefer to cap first thing have an identical opening. For those who are at a time that is between (such as myself) can just take whatever time they'd like during the week. This is how it will look to move the tick.

    If you decide to move it, you pay an entire week of upkeep, but no upgrades are made. The next time that day (the one you're moving the tick to) occurs after one week it will be back as normal, and with the start of the new day.

    Since this is a major decision that affects all of us, we should all be involved. I put up a series of poll questions to see the general feeling about it, and from there devise a course of action with the staff/community/people.

    What do these resources serve for? Like usual, maintenance for our entire collection. Tier 7!!! Tier 7 this week, no problem. Recent Updates. Not this week. All resources going toward maintenance and Tier 7.

    Cosmetic Additions. Now that we pretty much have tier 7 completed, we are able to begin working on these again. At the moment, we're working on three goals simultaneously. To ensure that our resources have something to sink into the right direction, I have a plan for putting up cosmetic objects as we reach the goals. We are currently working on a grand hedge. This is quite costly however it will look great. It will be located in the North-West at the mines and the Kiln. We are developing shields to be hung in the upper floors of the keep by the party room. As a cloth-overflow item we are making changes to the benches in the party area.

    We all know that the ability to master a skill and achieving an 89 in a skill are not difficult. Before you get all hysterical about how much time it takes to complete, I want to tell you. As a free-to-play player, I've been playing Scape since 2004. In late 2007 I could prepare 99 meals. It was a huge accomplishment for me as at the time, we didn't have skill caps which was a huge feat for me. It was not simple, it took a lot of work. Since then I have been able to score two 99s.

    But, that's not what i want you to discuss. Do you do it for the title of master? Or maybe just for the personal glory and achievement of 99.

    When I was a young miner, I used to get my cape untrimmed from the grinding of granite ores for quite a while. I felt proud wearing it with confidence. In the past, capes with skill were not common. E.g. someone with something like an RC cape years ago were almost worshipped.

    The capes have become well-known since the release of milestone caps and capes to achievement. Skillscapes should only be worn when skilling. Some skills require better caps (ardougne cape zmi/thieving) and some people are criticized for wearing them while killing.

    Do you feel it unfair for players who have auras to gain an advantage over players without auras in dangerous pvp? According to my understanding, all combat auras can be used in dangerous pvp except those that are specifically prohibited from being utilized in PvP (sharpshooter/knockout, runic accuracy and friend in needs).

    Check out the following: Poison Purge will cure you of 68s (or 168s when you go to Zammy GWD). Invigorate - restores spec faster. Inspiration - restores spec faster. Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold is 5% healing off the damage and stacks with soul split